About Us

Ruralno.eu is a place where you can find information on issues that are important for the survival of the rural areas of the Republic of Croatia and the quality of life in this area.

We will inform you about the tenders of Rural Development Program, but from a different angle, not only by providing short information about the tenders. We will try to clarify the conditions for eligibility and explain what you need to do to adapt your company for a future tender.

We will also be informative, and you will learn with us what a family farm is and how to start one, how to prepare a business plan, how to register in the Taxpayers’ Register and much more.

We will also promote local products produced on family farms and we will inform you about the activities of young people in rural areas.

Today, the whole of Europe supports the concept of smart villages, so we will not be left behind. We will monitor their development in the Republic of Croatia and transfer experience from EU Member States.

Here you can read many beautiful stories, travelogues from small towns, but also the stories of those who have successfully used EU funds. Maybe you will be encouraged to apply for a project and secure a good future for yourself and your family in our beautiful Croatia.

In our calendar of events, you can find out about important dates, such as the deadlines for holding a competition, workshops or other interesting events.

If you subscribe to our newsletter, make sure that you will be informed about all important topics in time and we will do our best not to miss any important competition.

On the website, you will also find our profiles in social networks so that you can follow us there as well.

Moreover, we invite you to cooperate, you, our future readers, but also all actors in rural areas, educational institutions, LAGs, associations and cooperatives, family farms. Send us information about events in your region, write us what you would like to read, send us photos of local events.

Together we can do much for our rural areas.